Vista Shutdown Timer

Skins & Language


Important: Version 1.8.1 changes the directory structure from 1.8.

It now supports subdirectories for different skins.

Skins now must be located in in subfolders like this:

Skins\my skin1\..

Skins\my skin2\..


If skins are installed., the Info-Dialog now shows a selection box to choose them:

I changed the examples this way, they are not working in the 1.8 version without changing the directories!


My first skin-examples:

none of my skin examples is final yet, but try them out.

Below the screenshots you can get some basic Information about skinning the

Vista Shutdown Timer v 1.8.1


..I hope someone can do a better job making a good skin..

Click on the images to download the Skin as a zip file.


Default style:


Windows 7 (v. 0.2):


Classic XP-Shutdown-Timer style (v. 1.0):


Complete skinned - developer example:


More about skinning:

Skins are optional and must be located in a subfolder in a directory called "skins" (eg.: skins\My fist Skin\.. )

Supported filetypes are: .JPG, .BMP, .GIF and .Ico.

The Shutdown-Icons you should be ico files (32x32 pixel) because they are the Programtask-Icons and Tray-Icons as well.

A log file about missing files will be created in the skin dir (if the directory exist and is not empty).

Check the developer example for sizes and names.


Skin Filelist:

without extension ButtonStart_Disabled + ButtonStart means ButtonStart_Disabled.jpg and ButtonStart.jpg (or gif, bmp, ico..) )


Background (jpg, gif..) -> Background Picture

DefaultIcon (icon) -> Default Program Icon

ButtonStart_Disabled + ButtonStart (jpg, gif..) -> Start button (at the bottom)

ButtonStartClassic_Disabled + ButtonStartClassic (jpg, gif..) -> Classic Mode Button

ButtonStartTimer_Disabled + ButtonStartTimer (jpg, gif..) -> Start button (at the bottom)

ButtonSwitch_Disabled ButtonSwitch (icon) -> Shutdownmode icon

ButtonLogOff_Disabled + ButtonLogOff (icon) -> Shutdownmode icon

ButtonHibernate_Disabled +ButtonHibernate (icon) -> Shutdownmode icon

ButtonStandby_Disabled + ButtonStandby (icon) -> Shutdownmode icon

ButtonWakeup_Disabled Button + Wakeup (icon) -> Shutdownmode icon

ButtonRestart_Disabled + ButtonRestart (icon) -> Shutdownmode icon

ButtonShutdown_Disabled + ButtonShutdown (icon) -> Shutdownmode icon

ButtonStop_Disabled + ButtonStop (jpg, gif..) -> Stop button (on the right site)

ButtonExit_Disabled + ButtonExit (jpg, gif..) -> Stop button (same pos as ButtonStop)

HelpIcon + HelpIcon_Highlight (jpg) -> Flag in the top right corner

LED_Green (jpg, gif..) -> Active LED (buttom right)

Shutdown_Pic (jpg, gif..) -> Picture shown on shutdown





Text- and background colors:

(Version 1.8.1)

Background and text colors are configured by textfile.

If not exist, you need to create the skins folder called "skins" in the program directory and in there a

skin - directory with any name here: "My first Skin"


Create a text file called :"colors.txt" -> "skins\My first Skin\colors.txt"


Program_Title= Title (default "Vista Shutdown Timer" )

Background= Background Color

TextColor= Default Text Color

Shutdown_Button_Text= Color of the Title- and the Shutdown Buttons text.

The color - code is the default hex-code


Colors.txt - Example:


Program_Title=White Vista Shutdown





..looks like this (without skins):



(Version 1.8.2)

Now a language file for translation is supported.

Just put the language file into the Shutdown Timer directory and restart it.

The Translation is 95% finished. Some message-boxes and Tooltip texts are not translatable yet. I'm working on it.


Here is an Language.ini - Example (right click and "save as..")

It contains the english text (ini-format) with an "#" added to every line.. just try it.

If you don't want to edit the Ini-format you can try the TranlsationTool instaed.



Please post new translations and feedback to the guestbook. ;)

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